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Merchandising / Product Placement

One of the great advantages is the inclusion of products in films. Unlike other media, where advertising is paid for inserts, a company's brand inside a film is always linked with the movie and it will display on several platform: movie theaters, Blu Ray, DVD, Cable TV, Broadcast TV, Festivals, Tablets, Computer, Cellphones. It is eternal advertising for the brand.

Depending on the company's participation, there is possibility of inserts in the story or/and in the opening credits. Insert your brand into a movie brings all the advantages of a common advertising, but in the movies it will always be there, whenever anyone watching the film.

Below are some examples.

Superman II scene, 1980, several signs appear in the city. The marks will always be displayed.

Comedy Some Like It Hot from 1959 with Marilyn Monroe, the character shows a "shell" to insinuate that is heir to the empire SHELL.

Blade Runner movie scene of 1982 in Los Angeles futuristic marquee appears to mark the airline PanAm. The company has ceased activities in the early 90s, but your brand will be eternalized.

Insert your company in a film also allows add value to your brand making him part of the story, through interaction with characters.

At the movie Back to the Future 2, 1989, the character travels back in time and meets the technological innovations of brands from his time.

Scene from the movie The Fifth Element, 1997, shows futuristic city and modern McDonald's.

Character of Tom Hanks is an employee of FedEx at the movie Cast Away, 2001. When the company's aircraft falls down, he survives with packages. FedEx brand is exposed every time.

In the action movie Terminator II, 1991, the soft drink Pepsi comes in different plots and its investment in the film led to the innovation of special effects.